Mobile Memory Enrichment

Oferirea persoanelor cu demență un simț al scopului prin activități care îmbogățesc viața 

Mobile Memory Enrichment 

We know the pandemic has been hard for everyone.

That is why we changed our rates for the next year! 




          Jesse Azzopardi, owner, and operator of Mobile Memory Enrichment is a Certified Dementia Specialist. She provides life-enriching activities with a purpose to individuals with dementia and memory loss in their homes.

          Having been in the healthcare field for over 20 years, and hearing from caregivers

"If I only had one hour", Jesse saw a need to provide respite.  

          Jesse knows the toll the caregiving field can have physically, mentally, and emotionally and wanted to find a way to give back. 

          Jesse believes that individuals with dementia and memory loss should always be approached holistically even when exhibiting behaviors. Positive reminiscing, exercise, cognitive stimulation, tactile and occupational-related activities, are only some of the life-enrichment activities that she provides.


          Jesse strives to connect and reconnect caregivers with the individuals living with dementia at all levels of the disease. Teaching, mending, supporting, and encouraging ways to connect and find a purpose for everyone is her objective. 


          Jesse Azzopardi has been a nominee for the Oregon Health Care Association for the Enrichment of Life award because of her holistic approach to individuals with dementia. She has also received various certifications through Oregon Care Partners. Jesse is also bilingual in English and American Sign Language.

Mobile Memory Enrichement Owner
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